Bigger_Than_Us_[Vocal_Version] lyrics:


i see your face look in your eyes
what you fell is no surprise
evrybody needs somthing to believe in
tell me your dreams il tell you mine
in our hearts we`ll look and find
every color of the rianbow, `cause i know

we ll wanna believe in love
we all wanna belive in somethin
bigger than just us
we all wanna be apart
of that greater picture hangin in our hearts
yeah its bigger than us

i wanna see beyond my own little world
take my hands so we can twirl around the galaxy
see the world in clarity ohh ohh
we have such a long way to go
but i know we`er getting closer everyday (everyday)


it feels the univers
just like the stars above
it rescues all our hearts

it`s love (l.o.v.e. love) (repeat)
that`s what`s bigger than us (bigger than us come on)
it`s love it`s love that`s what`s bigger than us (repeat)
it`s love it`s love (it`s love it`s love it`s love )
we all wanna believe in love
we all wanna believe in somthing ,bigger than us


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